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The Informed Patient

The most important member of any healthcare team is you—the patient. Patients can no longer afford to be silent partners in their own care.  They must empower themselves through knowledge—they have to become The Informed Patient. Olympia Medical Services and our affiliated OMS physicians are ready to help patients become active participants in managing their healthcare needs. 

The Informed Patient materials have been developed by Olympia or collected from other trusted and respected healthcare organizations. These resources are intended to help patients make better decisions about their health, but the information on this website should never replace the advice of a doctor. If you do not have a doctor, please use our Physician Search feature to find an Olympia physician near you. 

Patient Resources and Tip Sheets: 

How to Talk to Your Doctor or Nurse

Understanding Risk Factors

10 Questions You Should Know - English / Spanish

How to Avoid Being Readmitted to the Hospital - English / Spanish


The Informed Patient Video Library:

How to Avoid Being Readmitted to the Hospital

New Patient Orientation