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Benefits of Membership

Providing quality patient care has become an increasingly difficult challenge for physicians. With strained resources and fragmented care across multiple providers and settings, they have less control over patient outcomes. Olympia provides the support services necessary to help physicians focus on patients by reducing the administrative burdens that pull them away from their patients. The healthcare industry is changing rapidly, and it's important to prepare for those changes to stay competitive and achieve organizational goals. Olympia will do what is needed to help physicians stay ahead of the curve and take advantage of any possible opportunities that still lie ahead. 

No Annual Membership Fee 
A one-time provider enrollment fee covers all OM services through the lifetime of a physician's membership with Olympia. There is no annual membership fee. 
Credentialing Made Easy 
One of the keys to efficient practice management is assuring that all credentialing is correct and up-to-date, but the process is often lengthy and labor-intensive. Acting as a liaison between providers and insurers, Olympia helps relieve our physicians of this burden by offering credentialing assistance for all insurance plans contracted with OM. We manage the credentialing process from enrollment through completion with services that include: 

  • Collection of data from providers, 
  • Review, submission, and follow up on all contracted insurer applications, 
  • Tracking of provider information and effective dates in our database, 
  • Assistance with maintenance and updating of physician records, 
  • And troubleshooting contracting issues. 

We eliminate the headaches so that our doctors can focus on practicing medicine. 

Insurance Contracting 
Although our physicians remain independent, Olympia serves as the unifying entity for negotiating and administering fair and competitive contracts with major insurers that reflect the higher quality and value of care that our physicians provide. 

Practice Support 
OM offers the support services providers need to more efficiently manage their practices. We provide referral assistance within the Olympia network and proactively analyze and validate claims data. Olympia representatives work behind-the-scenes to review claims to assure compliance with contractual guarantees; and work to resolve issues with billing, pricing, and member eligibility. 

Reporting and Benchmarking 
Physicians need data to assist them in measuring performance, identifying opportunities for quality and cost improvements, and enhancing the patient experience. We are continuously working to build and advance our reporting capabilities to provide physicians with the information they need to improve care delivery and manage risk. 

Physician Advocates 
As advocates for our physician members, we work to establish mutually beneficial relationships with our managed care partners and other healthcare organizations in our community in a proactive approach to quality improvement that gives physicians the opportunity to help define performance standards, develop tools, grow their practices, and deliver better care. 

Networking Opportunities 
The Olympia network of providers is made up of primary and specialty care physicians who are focused on delivering superior care across the full range of patient needs. As a member, physicians are connected with a community of like-minded providers dedicated to delivering the best care possible, sharing knowledge to improve performance, and improving processes to increase efficiency and revenue. 

Olympia understands that healthcare is about more than what happens during an office visit. Healthcare encompasses everything that happens where people live, work, and play. It's about what happens every day. 

Through our growing library of patient resources, Olympia helps physicians provide patients with the knowledge and tools they need to live healthier lives. 

The Olympia Physician Portal offers providers access to provider and healthplan newsletters, patient resource database, a secure HIPAA-compliant file transfer feature, peer to peer messaging, practice tools, and other resources to help position them for continued success in the new healthcare arena. 

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